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Created 2019-05-11
Owner kmei4545
Title The intrinsic parameters of gypsum
Description The research of physical orderly parameter of the intrinsic parameters of gypsum plant quality orderly, from the intrinsic parameter analysis identified genus of gypsum quality ordering system internal structure of several grey element, through the construction of gray system dynamic model of gypsum technology feature, using mathematical treatment to understand the complex of gypsum quality orderly in the system of each grey element role, and then further by three typical grey element, namely the fineness, density, color composition of the gypsum quality ordering physical orderly parameter system to out of gypsum quality chaos, variation, the disordered state to ordered, and provide on the basis of transformation.Fineness, density, color and so on three as gypsum quality ordering of typical grey element of intrinsic parameters, is to provide basic information on the gypsum material flow internal structure from the three main aspects of gypsum particle group form, quality, color etc.. With the fineness of the gypsum quality ordering effect is most significant, because it can gypsum and basic effect in the first effect (i.e. morphological effect) directly links. Fly ash processing equipment has many kinds, such as gypsum separator, gypsum and other mill, in twentieth Century 80 time, for the application of low calcium gypsum in concrete, both at home and abroad from the study of particle morphology has been made on the key scientific and technological breakthroughs, in real - more rely on to provide powder fineness ash quality information.
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