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Created 2019-05-09
Owner birder2525
Title the development of vertical roller mill
Description Since the development of comprehensive utilization vertical roller mill since 1990, has been the use of fly ash grinding equipment of fly ash is 1730000 T, which is dug mountain ash 1280000 t. Kaifeng vertical roller mill ash t for almost 400000 years, until 1990, running two ash field have been filled. Due to actively carry out comprehensive utilization, ash field and prolong the service life of two years. So far, the road has used grey nearly 500000 T; the use of fly ash filling near pond, farmland 80 mu, in the new ground cover up elementary school, and opened up the residential base, renovation of the soil near the road in the countryside, and provides convenience for the local farmers on a journey. So, in places where conditions permit, to do a good job of fly ash comprehensive utilization, can make full use of resources, reduce the construction of ash storage field or extend the service life, saving valuable land resources and construction funds, greatly reduce the pollution of the environment, the vertical roller mill, which has a very important significance to the society.
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