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Created 2019-04-15
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Title Suspension plastic assembled floor certification
Description Is the current popular suspension plastic assembled floor required to be tested? The answer is yes and must pass rigorous testing. A regular manufacturer's regular product must pass the quality inspection before it can be marketed. This is the mandatory inspection requirement for the national quality requirements. For the sports-assisted paving materials used in sports venues, the quality inspection of the National Sports Bureau is indispensable. So how do you do the detachable futsal sport floor tiles test? What are the test items? There are many technical issues in related fields. Today we will list some easy-to-understand test projects to see a qualified high quality suspended floor test project and process, including not only the nationally specified test items but also the internal test. project. Ingredient testing: The raw material of the suspended assembled floor is PP polypropylene. After modification, the polypropylene with high purity must be used. The quality of the assembled floor produced by such raw materials is relatively high and durable. If the suspended floor is made of second-hand recycled materials, Absolutely unable to pass the test, some manufacturers use engineering plastics to produce suspended assembled flooring. Due to the different characteristics of raw materials, it is obviously not suitable for use as a floor. The determination of ingredients is the most basic requirement. Green environmental testing: Mainly to test the suspended floor with or without irritating odor and volatile toxic components, sc-zsfloor sports flooring manufacturers, through the test of the product assembly floor is in line with the regulations, sc-zsfloor sports flooring manufacturers, and vice versa products should pay attention to There are no problems with quality and raw materials. Low temperature test: This is a national inspection requirement. The sampled suspended floor should be placed in the freezer for 24 hours, the temperature should be set at -40 degrees, and the floor should be inspected for cracks without any obvious color difference. The suspended assembled floor through this test can be paved on the moving ground in the north, and it can withstand the tens of degrees of cold in the north, especially in the northeast. Anti-elastic test: Half of the detachable indoor sport surface is paved on various types of courts, such as basketball courts. Because of the elastic technical requirements of basketball court paving, the testing standard requires that the rebound rate of suspended floors should be above 90%. The qualified suspended floor should meet the standard. . Load roller compaction test: The durable suspension floor is one of the preferred products for sports field materials. We have tested to allow a large truck with several tons of weight to pass through the paved floor. The suspended floor is intact and the quality is satisfactory. The floor is not afraid of crushing. Aging test: Mainly to test the color fading and dry cracking of the suspended assembled floor, the floor is irradiated by a high-strength special test instrument for a certain period of time, and then the surface of the floor is checked for cracks and fading. High temperature test: The sample floor required to be tested is placed in a high temperature chamber with a temperature of up to 70 degrees for 24 hours. The test standard requires no melting or cracking without obvious color difference for 24 hours. The qualified suspended floor must meet the strict high temperature test requirements of the national sporting goods. Appearance quality test: This is mainly to check the color uniformity of the detachable outdoor sport court tiles, and it is required to have no obvious chromatic aberration, indicating no blistering, good overall plasticization, no burr on the surface, and also requires a matte design without obvious emission light to protect the eyes of the sportsman from irritation. Especially children who are in development during children and adolescents. Board friction test: The country requires a friction coefficient of 0.5-0.7 for the floor covering material floor as a sports ground. The results of the suspended floor test should meet the requirements of the national sports floor. The above lists some test and test items to be done on the suspended assembled floor. The qualified floor of the above project can fully meet the requirements of sporting goods in the sports field in daily life, such as: kindergarten playground, primary and secondary school runway, amateur training basketball court, net Stadium and other places. Of course, there are some requirements for international testing standards for suspended floors used in major competitions. In fact, products that meet the above 9 requirements can basically meet the sports requirements of major events. Life experience tells us that sc-zsfloor recommends suspension. Plastic assembled flooring We must put the quality in the first place, and then choose the cost-effective products, do not ask for the lowest price, only the most suitable for their own products.
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