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Created 2019-04-15
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Title Kindergarten floor design experience sharing
Description The Kindergarten Library is a specialized reading place for children. It is an area designed to develop children's reading habits and improve reading interest. If conditions permit, the kindergarten outdoor soft elastic flooring for kindergarten interlocking should provide the children with all aspects of reading materials to the greatest extent, and create a reading environment suitable for children to read, so that children can actively read under the interaction of the environment. Then how to design the kindergarten library? Here is a small series of children's ground material design plan for everyone to introduce: 1. Seat: Provides a variety of comfortable seating or cushions for young children, such as cute, comfortable small chairs, thick and soft carpet tiles or large pillows. Comfortable seating allows young children to feel like reading at home, attracting more children to the library. 2. Bookshelf: Various types of children's bookshelves (such as hanging bookshelves, movable bookshelves, vertical bookshelves, etc.) and lockers can be placed to display and store books as needed. The bookshelf is best placed at the border to serve as a dividing area. 3, auxiliary materials: In addition to the above mentioned seats and bookshelves and other items, the library should also be equipped with some auxiliary materials. Listed below are some of the materials that help young children learn to read and write in the library: a library register that records the number of times children enter the library, the time they read, and the books they read; story tapes for children to listen to stories , children's songs; hand puppets or plush toys, for children to perform story performance; paper and pencil, for children to paint, writing; other text materials other than books, such as book lists, text signs. 4, the ground material: what floor is good for the library, for the interlocking intelligent creation of sports flooring materials, most people know that you can use laminate flooring, solid wood composite flooring, solid wood flooring. As a public place, the library must first ensure that the floor decoration materials are wear-resistant. Among the three kinds of wood floors, the composite floor is the most wear-resistant. There are many libraries that choose tiles for cost and cleaning issues. Although the tiles are wear-resistant, the tiles are installed in the books, the feet are poor, easy to slip, and the noise is high. It is recommended to install laminate flooring in the library because the laminate flooring is affordable and has a good decorative effect. Moreover, laminate flooring is easier to maintain and does not require regular waxing. Solid wood flooring is not so well worn, and the price of solid wood flooring is more expensive. 5. Selection of books: In the book corner, teachers can display reading materials with various forms and functions. However, in any case, books should be the protagonist of the book corner. In selecting books, in addition to the basic factors such as the development level of children and the combination of courses, outdoor soft elastic flooring for kindergarten interlocking manufacturers should also consider the following key factors that may affect the role of the book corner. (It is recommended that the kindergarten teacher arrange a schedule for reading small books to large classes to allow children to read in a purposeful manner.)
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