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Created 2019-04-12
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Title How to match the color of the interior and exterior of the kindergarten during renovation
Description In the kindergarten decoration, the ground color will generally choose a relatively stable, quiet dark color, such as: reddish brown, yellow brown, generally lighter color will be used relatively less, because the light color is not resistant to dirt, if a little stain will be special Conspicuous. The following kindergarten floor decoration materials manufacturer sc-zsfloo plastic floor introduces the kindergarten design and decoration of the ground color selection tips, mainly for the color of the teaching aid, wall color, room light and size, detachable outdoor sport court tiles and design \ material matching and many other factors Choose the ground color, let's take a look at it! Match the color of the wall (or teaching aid): Regardless of whether the floor is made of floor tiles or wood flooring materials, plastic flooring, suspended modular flooring, etc., the colors and colors are very diverse. When choosing the color of the ground, we should consider the color coordination with the wall and teaching aids. Only then. Usually we will choose the same or slightly lower ground color as the wall (or teaching aid) to create a solid and calm feeling for the kindergarten environment, without the feeling of vain. Smaller space ground color options: In the case of a classroom with relatively small space, the color of the floor is not suitable for selecting too dark colors. The reason is that the dark floor has the characteristic of visual contraction. Contrary to the light color (white), it will make the space that is not too big. More narrow, not conducive to the expansion of the line of sight. Larger space ground color selection: If it is a classroom with a large space, we will have more choices for the choice of ground color. When decorating the ground, you can create a sense of calm through the dark ground, and we can also use the light ground to highlight the sense of space. What everyone needs to pay attention to is that the brightness of the color cannot be ignored, so as to avoid the confusion of the classroom color, which in turn destroys the overall style of the kindergarten. Indoor playground or outdoor outdoor sports and event venues: The plastic assembled floor is simple to assemble and the elastic interlocking multi-use basketball court does not stop water. It is not affected by rain and can be moved after the rain. Compared to traditional flooring, color and style have more choices. Personalized ordering can be done according to the function of the venue. It can also be coordinated according to the overall decoration style of the kindergarten. The sc-zsfloo sports floor material provides a complete ground plan design and construction process. Different space ground color options: Everyone knows that the functional uses of different spaces are different. When choosing the color of the ground material, you should consider the use of the space. Such as: kitchen and bathroom space, we should try to choose a light-colored ground that is not easy to hide dirt, create a clean and bright space environment, while the lobby, classroom, reading room and other spaces try to choose a soft texture of ground materials with a certain gray scale. Come decorate. Suspended floor as a elastic double tier sport flooring for children: non-slip, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, odorless, anti-corrosive, anti-mildew, wear-resistant, long service life, easy to install and easy to care; well loved by school kindergarten, and color pattern can be free Match design. Sc-zsfloo specializes in the design, production and installation of floor materials for indoor and outdoor kindergartens. Provide one-stop service. Let the children win at the starting line. Kindergarten decoration design must pay attention to the decoration design of the ground, including the type of ground decoration materials in the kindergarten, the material of the ground, the specifications, the color of the flowers, etc. The important role is to play a role, so the overall color selection can not be ignored.
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