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Created 2019-04-12
Owner yanghuim 
Title High-efficiency Paddy Wheat Rice Thresher machine 125 uses and characteristics
Description Before purchasing a thresher, users must first understand the use and characteristics of the equipment before they can choose the equipment that is more suitable for them. Today, Aike will introduce the use and characteristics of the High-efficiency Paddy Wheat Rice Thresher machine 125 help everyone have a deeper understanding of the device. Product use and features: This machine is mainly used for threshing of crops such as wheat, barley, rice, sorghum, and millet. It has a simple structure, convenient operation, convenient maintenance, and high efficiency. The equipment is advanced in design, compact in structure and high-quality structural steel. The machine adopts axial flow drum threshing technology and adjustable air volume cleaning technology to clean and separate wheat kernels, wheat bran, wheat bran, and wheat straw. It has the advantages of separation, small loss, and high removal rate. The ideal machine for researching experimental millet is a good helper for farmers to thresh. This Wheat Rice Thresher machine 125 is a small electric degranulation cleaning machine for single plant and single ear threshing of rice, wheat, soybean, and other grains. The machine can thresh and clean and separate the grains of 1-6 ears. It can easily open the cover and check the residue, without cleaning the dead angle, completely ensuring no mixing. The machine has the advantages of convenient threshing, small loss, easy cleaning, and light moving. The surface of the machine is treated by integral spray treatment, which has strong corrosion resistance and can meet the requirements of degranulation of individual plants. The above is the introduction of some of the use and characteristics of the equipment, users can understand before buying, and then choose the right equipment model, in order to better production.
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