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Created 2019-04-10
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Title Strength and hardness of materials influence working capacity of crusher

In recent years, the urbanization process and development of infrastructure construction are very fast, and the market demands for stone and sand aggregates are also continuously increasing, for this reason, the crusher which is professional rock processing equipment welcomes development peak. The manufacturing companies of crusher equipment effect spring like the mushrooms, and the crusher market becomes extremely hot.

The strength of the materials manifests the difficulty degree of the crushing, and it can also be called the fragility of the materials. On the same operational conditions, when crushing materials, the same crusher has different production capacity, which means that the materials have different fragility. The fragility of the materials is closely related to the hardness, strength, density, uniformity of the structure, water content, stickiness, crack, surface condition and shape. And at the same time, the granularity of the materials is closely related to the strength.

The strength of the materials represents the resistance ability of the materials to the external force, for this reason, the materials with high strength are hard to be crushed. However, the materials with just high hardness are not too difficult to be crushed because the crushing process of the materials is separated with each other, for this reason, the difficulty degree of the crushing process is determined to the strength of the materials. The materials with high hardness will be difficult to be ground because the grinding process is different from the crushing process, and the grinding process is that the working object of the grinding mill constantly grinds the surface of the materials, thus producing large quantities of fine powders, for this reason, the hardness of the materials determines the difficulty degree of the powder grinding process.

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