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Category Cars
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Created 2019-03-15
Owner juniperqq
Title Steel Coil Transportation Cost
Description 1. Transport GL Galvalumed Steel Coil made in China according to the factory state, and do not invert the product upside down, strictly observe the direction of placement indicated on the steel coil. 2. Can not be directly transported with forklifts or wire ropes, special spreaders should be used to avoid damage to hot sale prepainted galvanized steel coil. 3. The shipping compartment should be cleaned, covered with rubber mats or special transportation tools to keep the coils stable and intact. 4. When taking the steel plate, it must not be dragged, otherwise, the next steel plate will be scratched and scratched due to the burr of the steel plate. 5. When handling the steel plate, take it lightly and do not let the steel plate touch other hard objects.
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