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Created 2019-03-15
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Title Interpretation of LED strobe vision controller
Description An LED power supply is one of the power supplies and is a device that supplies power to an electronic device. A device that converts alternating current into direct current through a transformer and a rectifier. This device is called a rectified power source, also called a driving power source. Generally, wholesale infrared Germanium lenses sources are available in several power supply modes. Common 5V, 12V, 24V DC power supplies, and a few 15V or 28V special-purpose voltage sources, the power depends on the number of LEDs used. In addition to the shutter, aperture, and gain, the control of the brightness of the image can also control the brightness and darkness of the light source and the time of the light to control. First look at the advantages and disadvantages of the constant light source and the flash. If a stable power supply is maintained, the brightness of the light source is substantially constant. If the power supply uses a pulse, the time width of the pulse and the response time of the LED itself determine the illumination time. If this time is less than the time the camera shutter is open, then the exposure level of the camera is determined by the luminous flux emitted by the light source. If it is greater than the shutter time, it is determined by the shutter. Under normal circumstances, if you need a stroboscopic light source (time is less than the shutter speed), the conventional camera flash is traditionally used, and the intensity of the wholesale large size infrared Silicon optics is not enough. Therefore, in the past, for the LED light source, the flash refers to the case where the light source is turned on longer than the shutter time. Optical lenses, usually using a super-current method, that is, controlling the number of times the current through the LED exceeds the standard value, and the brightness is increased. However, such a high-load working state is too high in power, and the heat is severe, which has a great influence on the life of the light source. Therefore, the power-on time is usually short, and the working time of the light source is reduced, thereby prolonging the use time of the light source. Using a stroboscopic vision controller, you can achieve a bright light source that reduces environmental impact and reduces shutter time to reduce smearing during dynamic shooting. If you only need normal brightness, you can use low-brightness multispectral/cleartran and standard CVD ZnS optics tubes to reduce costs. The stroboscopic vision controller can output a trigger signal from the outside to trigger the light source, or can output a trigger signal from the outside to trigger the strobe controller. The trigger signal itself triggers the light source and the camera at the same time, which can achieve the synchronization of the light source and the camera trigger, thus ensuring the stability and detection accuracy of the machine vision system.
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