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Created 2019-03-13
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Title Optical lens
Description With the advent of the Industry 4.0 era, the role of machine vision in the field of intelligent manufacturing is becoming more and more important. Next, Conrad Smart will take you to understand how machine vision technology works, why it is process automation and quality improvement. The right choice. A wholesale infrared Germanium lenses is an optical contactless sensing device that automatically receives and interprets images of real scenes to obtain information to control the machine or process. Machine vision is the automatic extraction of information from digital images for process control or inspection of manufactured products. The information on the computer display is used to obtain the production inspection status of the product at a glance, achieving easy and efficient intelligent effects. As each bottle moves past the detection sensor, the detection sensor will trigger the vision system to emit a stroboscopic light and take a picture of the bottle. Once the image of the bottle is captured and saved to memory, the vision software will process or analyze the image and send a pass-fail response based on the actual fill level of the bottle. If the vision system detects that a bottle is not filled in place, ie fails the test, the vision system will signal the diverter to remove the bottle from the production line. The operator can view the rejected bottles and ongoing process statistics on the display. Guide the robot to align the components during the manufacturing assembly process, determine the spark plug gap or provide position information. The example shown in Figure 2 mainly shows how the smart wholesale large size infrared Silicon optics can be used for the oil filter (right) pass or fail detection, and measurement The width of the central shaft head on the bracket (left). The composition of the optical lens: 1. Image acquisition: light source, lens, camera, capture card, mechanical platform; 2. Image processing and analysis: industrial control host, image processing analysis software, graphical interactive interface; 3. Judgment execution: telex unit, mechanical unit. Although human vision is good at qualitative interpretation of complex and unstructured scenes, machine vision is good at quantitative measurement of structured scenes by virtue of speed, precision and repeatability, which can effectively avoid fatigue due to long hours of work. And the problems caused by work omissions, etc., to maintain a long working condition. By eliminating direct contact between the inspection system and the component being inspected, the multispectral/cleartran and standard CVD ZnS optics also prevents component damage and also avoids maintenance time and cost of mechanical component wear. Machine vision also brings additional security and operational advantages by reducing manual involvement in the manufacturing process. In addition, machine vision also protects the clean room from human contamination and protects workers from the dangers of a hazardous environment.
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