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Created 2019-03-12
Owner yanghuim 
Title Installation and commissioning of Animal Fodder Silage Cutter Crop Straw Crusher Supplier
Description Animal feed silage cutting machine the use of crop straw crusher brings convenience to users and also improves production efficiency. Now users are important to install and use the equipment after purchasing equipment, then the installation and commissioning steps for the equipment what are you? Today, the Animal Fodder Silage Cutter Crop Straw Crusher Supplier to give you a summary. Installation and commissioning: 1. The machine should be installed on a flat and strong site. 2. Install the motor as required. 3. Before installing the belt, check whether the direction of rotation of the indexing power is consistent with the direction of the raking machine. After confirming the error, adjust the installation belt and make the belt tight. 4. The adjustment of each part is normal. After confirming the error, turn on the power supply test run, check whether the fastener connection parts of each part are loose and whether there is abnormal sound in each rotating part.
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