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Created 2019-03-10
Owner juniperqq
Title Two factors that cause cracking of GI steel coil
Description GI steel coil with spangles in stock is a wide range of applications, which can be seen in the fields of enterprises, home appliances, construction, and electromechanical. The GI steel coil is divided into two types: hot-dip galvanized steel sheet and electro-galvanized steel. Then, the small professionals of HENGZE will tell you about the four factors that cause the GI steel coil with spangles to crack. 1. Annealing temperature The annealing temperature is an important process parameter in the galvanizing process, and the annealing temperature has a great influence on the yield strength of the product. When the annealing temperature is low, the annealing is insufficient, the crystal grains are fine, the strength is high, and the elongation is low. When the annealing temperature is too high, the grain is abnormally coarse, the yield strength is lowered, and the tensile strength is further reduced. The product is in the customer. Direct fracture during press forming and stretching 2. Inclusion and other defect control Defects such as inclusions and foreign matter intrusion are very unfavorable for press forming of stamped products, and since the local elongation of the inclusions is insufficient, punching and tensile cracking are likely to occur.
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