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Category Cars
Created 2019-01-28
Owner juniperqq
Title Market Change of Hot Galvanized Coil
Description 1. This month, domestic hot dip galvanized steel coil price stably consolidated, market shipment is the main. Hot-dip galvanized sheet 1.0mm has a national average price of 4523 yuan/ton, rising 4 yuan/ton annually compared with the previous year, while color coated sheet coil 0.476mm has a national average price of 5676 yuan/ton, falling 8 yuan/ton. 2. Overall, hot sale galvanized steel coil in the near future market changes gradually narrowed, circulation and market enthusiasm is also declining, in the quotation of relatively consolidated pattern, its operation is mostly shipment-oriented, yesterday's good situation, trading performance is optimistic, but also overdraft today's market turnover, business turnover performance is general. 3. Effective working hours before the Spring Festival are decreasing, terminal procurement support is still difficult to find, traders believe that years ago, there will still be a weak pattern. Overall, the downstream gradually completed, hot-dip galvanized coil market demand will further weaken, the market mentality continues to be empty.
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