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Created 2019-01-23
Owner yoyocrusher
Title How to Correctly Select Accessories of Cone Crusher?

Ore Milling Equipment industry develops rapidly in China. Crusher machines are also frequently used in recent years. Since its launch, cone crusher has always been the leader among similar equipment on the market, which owes to superb performance of bushing of main shaft, eccentric bushing, taper sleeve and other accessories of cone crusher to a great extent.

When selecting accessories of cone crusher, there are several factors that should be taken into consideration, such as hardness of materials, feeding and discharging granularity of materials, production requirements, abrasion of accessories, etc. Specifically speaking, the greater the hardness of materials is, the bigger the feeding and discharging granularity is. The higher the output is, the greater the abrasion to accessories is, so does the power consumption. Hence, the selecting principle of cone crusher accessories are:

1. Hard materials select short and small accessories.

2. Soft materials select long and large accessories.

3. Fine materials select long and large accessories.

4. Coarse materials select short and small accessories.

5. All of accessories should have good wear resistance.

Accordingly, Zenith cone crusher accessories are made of high manganese and high chrome, which have diversified sizes and can satisfy requirements of material hardness, granularity, yield, etc. Cone crusher with high-quality accessories is of wear resistance, shock resistance, compression resistance and long service life, which is preferred equipment of coarse, medium and fine crushing of materials. When choosing accessories of crushers, you'd better directly choose from crusher manufacturers. Zenith Machinery welcomes various customers to select crusher accessories from our company.

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