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Created 2019-01-11
Owner yanghuim 
Title Maintenance of Multi-function Peanut Potato Harvester for Sale?
Description The multi-functional peanut potato harvester is a kind of agricultural equipment commonly used in agricultural production. Its R&D and production has brought great convenience to the farmers, and it has been welcomed and used by users in many areas of China. However, some users do not know how to maintain the equipment after using the equipment for a period of time. Today, the manufacturers of Multi-function Peanut Potato Harvester for Sale are here to tell you about the maintenance problems after the equipment is not in use: Technical maintenance and storage: 1. After the operation of the equipment is finished, the soil of all parts of the machine should be removed; 2.Ceck the fasteners of each part, if loose and timely tighten; 3. Check whether the rotating parts are flexible or not. If it is not normal, it should be adjusted and eliminated in time; 4. When the machine is not used for a long time, it should be taken care of to prevent rain and avoid contact with acidic substances to avoid corrosion. The blade should be oiled.
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