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Created 2019-01-09
Owner yanghuim 
Title What is the heat treatment process for the T41 green cutting disc size?
Description With the development of the abrasives industry, the cutting disc industry has developed rapidly in the Chinese market. Many users are also using the T41 green cutting disc size. Do you know the heat treatment process for the cutting disc? Let me tell you today. The basic heat treatment process of the cutting disc is mainly used for cutting hard and brittle stone. It is one of the main tools for producing natural stone plates. There are a series of problems in the use of traditional abrasives and equipment, such as quality, firmness, peeling and production excess. Cost, etc. They cannot win competition and profits. In order to achieve high efficiency, new equipment is being sought, which is often designed for use with superabrasive tools. The rough casting and forging can reduce many of the pre-processing steps in the production of parts. The use of new materials requires the use of a diamond wheel or a dresser with a diamond wheel for dressing and shovel sanding. The calculation of the shape of the diamond grinding wheel is quite cumbersome. Therefore, some parts such as camshafts, crankshafts, wheels, brakes, and supports are often used in production. Now it can be pressed or forged, and then processed by high-speed grinding or high-speed machining. Finishing, which can significantly reduce the time from blank material to finished parts, heat treatment technology is unreasonable or not too close, which leads to the current production level and product quality of diamond grinding wheel, diamond cutting piece and diamond saw blade matrix of many manufacturers in China. the main reason. The copper foil or aluminum foil on the cylinder is grooved with a tip made of single crystal diamond, which finally makes the application of the nearly ideal cutting material in the field of superfinishing.
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