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Created 2019-01-08
Owner yanghuim 
Title The use and maintenance of Peanut Picker Machine price?
Description A peanut picking machine is a commonly used agricultural equipment for packing peanuts. How can users use and maintain it after using the equipment? Today, let me tell you about the use and maintenance of Peanut Picker Machine price ? 1. The peanut picking machine must be adjusted and overhauled before use. Before the operation, the operator should carry out a comprehensive inspection on the picking machine to see if the picking machine is in good condition, whether the connecting bolts of each component are fastened, whether the pulleys are installed firmly, and whether the pulleys are rotated by hand to collide or not. Whether there is open welding or missing teeth; turn the hob shaft by hand to observe whether the rotation is stable; check whether the triangular belt tension of each transmission part is reasonable; check whether the diesel engine is running well; check whether the motor is running normally, whether the power cord is running or not. Leakage phenomenon. 2. The operation should be carried out according to the process flow. When feeding peanuts, the peanuts must be filled into the feeding port first, and the feeding should be uniform. It is strictly forbidden to feed hard objects such as stones, wooden blocks and metal objects into the machine during operation to avoid damage to the machine and personal accidents; During the operation, it is strictly forbidden to reach into the feeding port, the fan port, and the exhaust port; the operator should tighten the cuffs when working, and the lesbians should bring a work cap; if they hear abnormal sounds or find faults during operation, they must stop the machine. In case of timely troubleshooting, it is strictly forbidden to carry the disease with the machine; it is strictly forbidden to work with the fruit picker; after the end of the work, there must be professionals to check, adjust and maintain. Such as: filling grease, repair welding, etc.; when the picking machine appears to block the drum, should check the amount of feed, peanut dryness, the tightness of the motor triangle, power supply voltage, etc.; when the peanut picker is not clean, adjust The gap between the hobbing and the bottom of the screen. When the gap between the hobbing and the bottom of the screen is large, it is easy to pick up the net; when the peanut fruit contains many impurities, when the peanut fruit is sucked out, the suction port should be properly adjusted. When the sundries are sucked out, the suction port is raised.
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