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Created 2019-01-08
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Title Safe operation of public grinders
Description 1. Those who are unfamiliar with the performance of the grinder cannot use the grinder. 2. The public grinder should be responsible for the person, and check frequently to ensure normal movement. 3. The operator must wear protective glasses and start the dust removal device in order to work. 4. Before starting the grinder, carefully check whether there is any debris between the grinder and the protective cover. When it is confirmed that there is no problem, start the grinder again. 5. When the grinder is seriously damaged due to long-term use, the radial runout and excessive vibration are not allowed to be used. 6. The grinder is faulty due to poor maintenance, or the 14 inches cutting disc shaft is shaking, there is no supporting tool holder, and the installation is not in compliance with safety requirements, and it is not allowed to start. 7. For new grinding wheels, the general safety procedures of the grinder should be observed. It must be carefully selected. For grinding wheels with cracks and broken wheels, or grinding wheels with poor matching between the grinding wheel shaft and the grinding wheel hole, it is not allowed to use. The diameter of the grinding wheel chuck should be larger than the nominal diameter of the grinding wheel by 1/30. A soft gasket should be installed between the grinding wheel and the chuck. When changing the screws on the grinding wheel, apply even force, not too loose or too tight. When loading the grinding wheel, it should be padded, balanced, trimmed, balanced and verified before it can be used. 8. On the same grinding wheel, it is forbidden to use the two at the same time, and it is not allowed to wear on the side of the grinding wheel. When grinding the workpiece, the operator should stand on the side of the grinder. Do not stand on the front of the grinder to prevent the wheel from cracking and accidents. 9. Special grinding wheels for grinding tools are not allowed to grind any other workpieces and materials. 10. For small, large and unsatisfactory workpieces, it is not allowed to grind on the grinder. In particular, small pieces should be fastened with fixtures to prevent them from being squeezed into the grinder or squeezed between the grinding wheel and the pallet to crush the grinding wheel. 11. Grinding machine shields and transparent shields and vacuum cleaners must be inspected. 12. The distance between the holder and the working surface of the high quality cutting disc supplier should not exceed 3 mm. It should be adjusted before grinding to meet the common requirements and the device is firm. 13. After the grinder is started, it should be idle for 2-3 minutes, and it can be used when the grinder is moving normally. When grinding, it should be operated in the lateral position, and it is forbidden to grind against the circumferential surface of the grinding wheel. When grinding a workpiece or a tool, do not use excessive force and do not hit the grinding wheel.
Consumption 14.00 l/mile
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