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Created 2019-01-08
Owner birder2525
Title how to realize the processing of iron powder
Description In many of the metal powder, the scope of application of iron is the most widely. According to available data, 80% of the powder will be used for the manufacture of mechanical parts. Mining industry with equipment parts have a density very high standards, in accordance with the particle size can be divided into coarse powder, powder, powder, medium fine powder and ultra-fine powder of 5 grade. How to realize the classification of track mobile crusher for? Let's ask the iron processing expert opinion. Author: through the mobile crusher principle for screening of powder is what kind of? Expert: Mining mobile crusher have multi screen, screen size can be adjusted according to the requirements of the mesh of iron powder.In the metallurgical industry, common iron has 325 orders, 400 orders of different level, coarse powder and fine powder will also have the professional standards division. Simple said process on iron mine of high frequency mobile crusher, is the raw material of the filtering process. Author: as far as I know, iron can be divided into reduced iron powder and iron oxide powder, processing of different materials should be how to choose the sieving equipment? Expert: Yes, according to the different processing, deep processing of iron is not the same, we will according to the different nature of the metal powder to select mobile crusher.
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