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Created 2019-01-07
Owner xuanxuan251
Title When the sand making machine is installed, it must be idling test machine
About me The sand making machine is installed on the concrete foundation, and the foundation should bear several times the weight of the whole machine. Depending on the sand-making airport, it can be installed in the factory or installed outdoors. When installing, the sander should be leveled so that its main axis is perpendicular to the horizontal. Lifting equipment should be installed above the sand making machine. The weight of the lifting equipment should be considered according to the weight of the sand making machine. There should be space for lifting above the sand making machine, and appropriate space should be reserved on the side of the sanding production line for testing. The sand making machine produced by SBM machinery has been in normal operation for all parts of the air load before leaving the factory. However, it should be thoroughly inspected after installation at the sand making site. Check if the lubricating oil pipe is firmly connected. Re-add the oil before the trial shipment, and add the Mobil automotive grade or 3# lithium grease. Check that the lube tube of the grid part is securely connected and carefully inspect the impeller for foreign matter. Check the motor belt between the sand making machine and the current jog motor. The direction of rotation should be the same as the direction of the sanding machine. If the direction of the sand making machine is opposite to the direction of the sign, the motor wiring of the sand making machine should be adjusted so that the rotation direction is consistent with the sign. Do not rotate in the direction. Double motor drive, spindle assembly and motor on both sides, the same number of V-belts are connected to the spindle assembly, and should be adjusted straight. After the inspection, the production will be resumed, and the empty load test machine will be carried out before production. After the test machine confirms that there is no problem, it can be officially produced.
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