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Created 2019-01-07
Owner yanghuim 
Title Pay attention to when using the3 Point hitch Garlic Planting Machine?
Description As a very popular planter in agricultural equipment, the 3 Point hitch Garlic Planting Machine is popular among users when it is on the market. But many users sometimes have some problems when using it because of improper operation. What problems do users need to pay attention to when planting equipment? 1. The machine operator should always observe whether the work of the seeder is normal during the work. In particular, it should pay attention to whether the seed meter is arranging, whether the seed tube is blocked, whether the opener is blocked by wet soil, and the work of covering the earth pressure roller. Is it normal? 2, after the completion of a crop, the seed box should be carefully cleaned to avoid seed mixing and cause seed failure. After the fertilizer tank is used, it should be cleaned in time to prevent the machine from rusting. 3 After use, it should be kept safely, and spare parts should be kept for spare parts, wearing parts, easy-to-drop parts and special tools brought by them. 4 After the sowing, the remaining seeds should be properly disposed of, and it is strictly forbidden to eat to prevent poisoning between humans and animals. 5. The planter should be placed in a dry shed, not placed with some chemically strong chemicals such as chemical fertilizers, pesticides or alkali acids.
Consumption 3.00 l/mile
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