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Category Hardware
Created 2018-12-19
Owner juniperqq
Title What is a high quality 9'' grinding wheel? How to use it?
Description There are three main types of high quality 9'' grinding wheel: one is ordinary abrasives, including corundum series and silicon carbide, resin abrasives, ceramic abrasives, etc.; the second is coated abrasives, including abrasive cloth, sandpaper, abrasive belt, etc.; Hard materials, mainly diamond grinding wheels, cubic boron nitride and products. Grinding is an irreplaceable and gradual expansion of machining methods in machining. Analysis of high quality 9'' grinding wheels, after the world entered the new century, grinding processing is still ranked third in the popular machining method. Although hard turning has replaced many grinding processes, due to advances in bonding technology and the use of advanced abrasives, diamond grinding discs remain an important part of the machining process. Grinding is material-driven today, and diamond grinding wheels may be difficult to compete with conventional machining materials for milling, planning and turning, but when it comes to a new generation of materials such as ceramics, cermets, composites, reinforcement Materials, and ultra-high temperature alloys do not have to compete. These materials can only be ground with diamond grinding wheels. The high quality 9'' grinding wheel use conditions: 1. The cutting line speed of the grinding wheel must be greater than 80 m / s. 2. The grinding wheel must be cooled with water when cutting. The cooling water flow is not less than 2.4 liters/min. 3. The new grinding wheel must be trimmed with a special correction plate before use. 4. The cutting depth of the high quality 9'' grinding wheel is determined according to the thickness of the grinding wheel and the cutting material. Generally, the large cutting depth is within 3 mm. 5. When selecting the grinding wheel, in order to ensure a good cutting effect, the grinding wheel with the corresponding abrasive grain size should be selected according to the different cutting materials. 6. The normal cutting speed of the high quality 9'' grinding wheel (the moving speed of the object to be cut) is determined according to the requirements of the cutting material and the cutting precision, and is generally within 0.5-200 mm/sec.
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