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Created 2018-12-17
Owner ruannaruto
Title 'Naruto' Releases Sexy Holiday Game of Hinata, Tsunade
About me Each day of the Naruto event has 4 parts. In addition to different Half Price items and Daily Benefits for each day, there are two other parts: Complete set amount of tasks to obtain abundant rewards such as Awakening Gems, Weapon Spirits, Orange ATK Treasure Chests, Ogi Scrolls, Sage Crystals and other items. The Half Price is only available in the first 7 days of Server Launch. Don’t miss it! The second holiday artwork highlights Hinata, who's usually more reserved in her outfits in the series. Fans appreciate seeing Hinata in this new way, though it's from a much older mobile game titled Naruto: Shinobi Collection in which fans collected their favorite characters on trading cards and took them into battle. You can see it below. Kakashi’s appearance at Naruto and Hinata’s wedding is a welcome one, as the older ninja plays a meaningful role in both of their lives. It’s a shame that he wasn’t willing to ditch his facemask for the extremely formal occasion, however, and wears the unnecessary garment for the entirety of the event.
Searching for a Man
About the partner Ninja teams in Naruto are usually only formed after careful consideration. A Kage needs to weigh the available manpower against the facets of a mission to determine which combination of ninja has the greatest likelihood of success and minimizes the potential loss of life. As the two powerful ninjas enter their forties and stave off mid-life crises, Kakashi and Might Guy start traveling and vacationing together. What started as the two old friends accidentally attending the Tobishachimaru’s maiden voyage together, turned into a regular habit of the pair going on trips together. In the light novel Sasuke Shinden: Book of Sunrise, Kakashi stops a group of missing ninja from invading the Village Hidden in the Leaves. After reasoning that an enemy force is using genjutsu to control a variety of ninja from different nations, he dispatches many of his former students to stop and apprehend the brainwashed ninja attacking the village. If you are the big fan of Naruto, click the site below and meet your like-meet players: PC site: Mobile site: ​
Purpose Friendship
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