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Created 2018-12-15
Owner juniperqq
Title Resin high efficient metal abrasive disc selection
Description Resin depressed grinding disc in stock size selection should consider factors such as workpiece size, geometric accuracy, surface roughness, grinding efficiency of high efficient metal abrasive disc and how to avoid certain defects. In general, it is required to have high efficiency, large surface roughness value, the large contact surface between the grinding disc and the workpiece, or grinding of the workpiece to the inclined surface of the workpiece, high toughness of the workpiece material, and a large thickness of the workpiece. Granularity; conversely, processing high hardness, brittleness, tight structure; fine grinding, forming polishing or high-speed grinding, should choose a smaller particle size. Commonly used particle size 46-80. When coarse grinding, the coarse-grained grinding disc is used. Fine grinding is used for fine grinding. In addition, the end grinding should be coarser than the circumferential grinding; the inner grinding should be coarser than the outer grinding; Dry grinding should be coarser than wet grinding wheels.
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