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Created 2018-12-07
Owner xuanxuan251
Title Two kinds of elimination methods for motor vibration of counter-type sand making machine
Description The ZENITH 1214 counter-type sand making machine is driven by a motor with a power of 132 kW. The hammer in the crushing chamber breaks the stone entering from the upper inlet by the rotational force. The operation warning sign on the counter-type sand making machine and the contact number of our company: 0371-67315555 If the rotating part of the counter-type sand making machine motor is unbalanced, it will make the whole motor vibrate when rotating. Vibration causes damage to the bearings, the feet and the motor itself. In order to eliminate the vibration, the rotating part should be balanced. The balance is divided into static balance on the prism and balance of the balance of the part when rotating. The centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the rotor of the sand making machine motor is large, which will generate pressure on the bearing and cause vibration of the motor. Such an imbalance can be eliminated by static equilibrium on the prism. The journal of the rotor's bearing is placed on a carefully calibrated horizontal prism, which of course is the heavy half that is turned downwards. Put such a heavy lead block in the special groove above, so that the prism of the rotor can stay in any position. After the balance is good, the lead block is usually replaced by the same heavy steel block, which can be safely welded to the rotor or nailed to the rotor.
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