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Created 2018-12-06
Owner juniperqq
Title China grinding abrasive disc development trend
Description The development direction of China grinding abrasive disc, the development trend of diamond grinding disc. Today's gear grinding machine has improved a lot more than the same type of machine tool ten years ago. This comes from a series of major improvements: Many gear grinding machines are more accurate due to the onboard measurement system. Because the machine is used for measurement, it is not necessary to remove the gear from the workbench and send it to other places for inspection, which avoids the secondary installation error during rework. During processing, the gear is first analyzed by the onboard measurement system, and the measured parameters are compared with the theoretical design parameters to determine the required correction amount. After the control system collects these correction data, the grinding gear processing state is automatically adjusted, and then the grinding is performed. And measurement. Repeat the cycle until the required accuracy is reached. The integrated onboard measurement and onboard correction system make modern gear grinding machines more efficient. In recent years, the use of compact direct drive motors on China grinding abrasive disc spindle and gear workpiece spindles has increased. The direct drive spindle avoids drive chain errors. Therefore, the use of direct drive motor in the "repair disc-grinding gear" cycle, coupled with a better grinding disc and multi-axis linkage control, can eliminate the high-frequency error and harmful vibration of the cutting pattern, the geometrical shape of the distortion, the noise of the gear. The term “automation” is increasingly used in gear grinding, especially in process production, including workpiece mounting, tool change, and inventory sorting in synchronization with workpiece processes. Automation eliminates machine idle time and helps reduce waiting time between processes.
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