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Created 2018-12-05
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Title Sintered diamond wheel introduction

Ceramic diamond wheel ceramic bond diamond grinding wheel has the common characteristics of diamond and ceramic bond. Compared with ordinary corundum and silicon carbide grinding wheel, its grinding force is strong, the grinding temperature is relatively low, and the grinding wheel wear is relatively small; The role of the coolant; the shape of the grinding wheel is good during grinding, the precision of grinding the workpiece is high; there are more air holes in the 7'' cut off disc for metal which is good for chip removal and heat dissipation during grinding, not easy to block and not easy to burn the workpiece; The self-sharpness is better, the trimming interval is longer, and the trimming is easier. Therefore, the use of ceramic bond diamond grinding wheels in some developed countries abroad is increasing.

Sintered diamond wheel

The metal bond diamond grinding wheel mainly has two types of sintering and electroplating depending on the manufacturing method. In order to give full play to the role of super-hard abrasives, foreign countries began to develop a new type of grinding wheel by high-temperature brazing process from the early 1990s, that is, single-layer high-temperature brazing super-hard abrasive grinding wheel. At present, this kind of grinding wheel is still in the research and development stage.

The sintered metal bond grinding wheel is mostly made of a metal such as bronze as a bonding agent, and is manufactured by a high-temperature sintering method. The bonding strength is high, the formability is good, the high temperature resistance, the thermal conductivity and the wear resistance are good, the service life is long, and a large load can be withstood. Because the grinding process of the grinding wheel inevitably has shrinkage and deformation, the grinding wheel must be shaped before use, but the dressing of the grinding wheel is difficult. At present, the common grinding wheel rolling method is not only time-consuming and labor-intensive, but also the diamond particles fall off during the dressing process. The dressing wheel itself consumes a lot and the shaping precision is low.

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