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Category Cars
Created 2018-12-02
Owner xzbbvfvbh
Title Cutting disk machine operating procedures
Description 1. The cutting disc machine must have a person responsible for maintenance, replacement of the China cutting disc for metal, fastening screws, etc., must wear goggles when sharpening. 2. Before driving, check whether the connecting parts of the cutting disc machine are loose or not and whether the cutting disc has cracks. 3. After the inspection is completed, the person must stand on the side of the cutting disc and test the machine for a few minutes without any problem. 4. When sharpening, hold the workpiece tightly, and clamp the small piece with pliers. The surface should be lightly attached to the cutting disc. Do not use excessive force to avoid the cutting disc being crushed or the workpiece flying out and hurting people. 5. When sharpening, the sharpened workpiece should be rolled to the left and right on the circumferential surface of the cutting disc so that the cutting disc is evenly worn without grooves, and both sides of the cutting disc should not be sharpened to prevent damage to the cutting disc. 6. People should not stand on the front of the cutting disc to prevent the cutting disc from flying out and hurting people. 7. Excessive workpieces and tools are not allowed to be sharpened on the cutting machine. 8. If there is any abnormality, it should be stopped immediately. After use, it must be stopped. 9. Clean up the workpiece, clean the site, and keep the site clean and hygienic
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