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Created 2018-12-02
Owner yanghuim 
Title T41 green cutting disc size development and grinding technology is inseparable?
Description With the increasing demand for products in the market, the development of new products must start from the customer's needs, and the customer demand is to put forward higher requirements for the grinding of T41 green cutting disc size products. Unlike conventional refining processes in the past, high-speed grinding is a very high metal removal rate. If you look back at the history of grinding technology, it is not difficult to find that high-speed grinding technology began with copper blanking. In the process of recasting steel, from ingot to rolling, various defects such as cracks, wrinkles, gaps, interlayers, etc., are generated on the surface of the blank. If these surface defects are not removed before the next process, it will seriously affect the quality of the finished product. In order to achieve the highest grinding efficiency, the green cutting disc is designed with constant pressure or constant power instead of the traditional constant grinding depth and the amount of cutting. In terms of cutting discs, the working speed is increased from 35-48 m/s to 60-80 m/s by using a series of measures such as high-strength abrasive, benzene ring resin binder, hot pressing manufacturing method and reinforcing filler. The results of these efforts were very successful. By the early 1960s, in the steel renovation and casting cleaning of industrialized countries, the grinding process had completely replaced the cold chiseling process. By the middle of the 1970s, the annual sales of the rough grinding wheel had been paralleled by the fine grinding wheel, and the spindle power of the roughing machine was as high as 370 KW. Obviously, the high-speed grinding technology of the bit grinding groove is developed on this basis. Therefore, it is very beneficial to learn from the experience of the grinding wheel when developing the high-speed grinding wheel of the bit grinding groove.
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