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Created 2018-12-01
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Title The posture and method of sharpening the knife is
Description 1. The person stands on the side of the cutting machine to prevent the debris from flying out when the cutting disk is broken. 2. The distance between the two hands holding the knife is released, and the elbows are clamped to the waist to reduce the jitter during sharpening; 3. When sharpening the knife, the turning tool should be placed in the horizontal center of the China cutting disc for metal. The tip of the knife should be slightly tilted upward by about 3°~8°. After the cutting knife touches the cutting disc, it should be moved horizontally in the left and right direction. When the turning tool leaves the cutting disc, the turning tool needs to be lifted up to prevent the sharpened blade from being scratched by the cutting disc; 4. When the flank is ground, the tail of the arbor is inclined to the left by an angle of the main declination; when the flank is ground, the tail of the arbor is inclined to the right by an angle of a declination; 5. When grinding the sharp edge of the knife, usually hold the front end of the turning tool as the fulcrum with the left hand and turn the tail of the turning tool with the right hand. Sharpening safety knowledge 1. Before sharpening the cutter, first check whether the cutting disc has cracks, whether the cutting disc shaft nut is tightened, and use it after trial rotation, so as to avoid the cutting disc from breaking or flying out and hurting people. 2, the sharpening tool cannot be too strong, otherwise, it will slip the hand and touch the cutting surface, resulting in work accidents. 3. Wear protective glasses when sharpening the knife to prevent the gravel and iron filings from flying into the eyes. 4. When grinding the knife, do not stand in the direction of rotation of the cutting disc to prevent accidents. 5. When grinding a small cutter head, the small cutter head must be loaded into the cutter bar. 6. The gap between the cutting disc holder and the cutting disc should not exceed 3mm. If the intrusion is too large, it should be adjusted properly. Do you want to add water when sharpening? When the turning tool is worn, it cannot touch the water when it is in the car, because it will affect its performance. If you sharpen the turning tool, it will have a high-temperature concentration in the local part of the cemented carbide, because the cemented carbide substrate can't dissipate heat like high-speed steel. If it is cold water, it will be equivalent to short-time quenching, which affects its hot hardness. And it is easy to produce local cracks. However, high-speed steel is the opposite. In order not to grind it, it is necessary to use water to cool down. Carbide is above 800 degrees, and suddenly it will crack when it encounters cold water.
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