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Created 2018-11-29
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Title Talking about the Factors Affecting the Wear Resistance of the Jaw Crusher Lining
About me Jaw crusher is widely used in Crusher Machine of many industries such as mining, smelting, building materials, highway, water conservancy and chemical industry because of its large crushing ratio, uniform product size, simple structure, reliable operation and easy maintenance. One of the most widely used crushing equipment in the field of crushing engineering. Its working principle is that the electric motor transmits the power to the eccentric shaft through the transmission device, and the eccentric motion of the eccentric shaft makes the swaying reciprocatingly swing relative to the fixed boring, so that the material falling into the crushing chamber is repeatedly squeezed, split and The bending action breaks the material. In the process of material crushing and discharging, the material simultaneously generates frictional force on the moving raft and the lining of the fixed lining, resulting in wear of the lining. There are three main factors affecting the wear resistance of the jaw crusher liner: 1. The nature of the material being crushed: but the nature of the material being crushed is not artificially altered or selected. 2, the material of the lining: the material of the lining can be selected and changed, but the good material is at the cost of improving the cost. The basis of the selection is mainly considering the comprehensive economic indicators in addition to the technical performance. 3. Dynamic movement status: This will determine the relative movement and stress between the broken material during the crushing and discharging process and the lining. Shanghai SBM has been focusing on the production of Ecofriendly Crusher for many years. It will be more professional in all aspects of technology, manufacturing, process and quality, ensuring excellent equipment quality, affordable price and excellent performance. Welcome to consult and purchase.
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