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Category Cottages
Created 2018-11-29
Owner juniperqq
Title The long life grinding wheel - the correct way of transport
Description In the actual work, we can often see that the workers who carry the long life grinding wheel in a short distance do not take any protective measures, just rolling the grinding wheel directly on the road and pushing the grinding wheel with the solid wheel. It is a disregard for the transportation and storage regulations of diamond grinding wheels, and it is extremely irresponsible for the operator's personal safety. It has laid a huge safety accident hazard for the next operation. Diamond long life grinding wheel should avoid vibration and impact during the process from production to use. Generally, the grinding wheel is used in the same way as other products. The surface with the characteristics of the grinding wheel and the safe speed should not be smeared or damaged at will, so as to avoid confusion. Next, let's look at the introduction of the correct transportation method and transportation method: 1. Long-distance transportation: Adding long-distance transportation and handling, the diamond grinding wheel should be completely protected and packaged, and the grinding wheel can be fully filled with soft materials that have no significant impact on the environment to prevent vibration and impact during handling. effect. 2. Short-distance transportation: The following is divided into 3 small points to explain a. Prevent the diamond wheel from falling or being hit by impacts and impacts during handling; b. When rolling must be carried, place a cushion of wood, rubber or straw bag on the ground and gently roll it on it; c. Specially heavy long life grinding wheel should be transported with special handling tools. The tools used should be equipped with soft material gaskets. Vehicles should be equipped with inflatable tires. It is strictly forbidden to use solid wheel tool carts for handling.
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