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Category Hardware
Created 2018-11-28
Owner juniperqq
Title Resin diamond grinding disc use ten must note
Description The work of the resin diamond high quality metal grinding disc is mainly to grind. The grinding disc is also divided into many different types according to different classification methods. The resin grinding disc is one of them. The resin grinding disc is a grinding disc processed by a bonding agent. To introduce the problems to be paid attention to during use, let's take a look at it! 1. Before using the resin grinding disc, be sure to check the product for cracks, products and dumb sounds. If it is, it cannot be used. 2. The speed of the resin diamond grinding disc shall not exceed the specified safe working line speed. 3. Do not use the end face high quality metal grinding disc exclusively. Please do not work with the end face of the grinding disc. 4. When the resin diamond grinding disc is working on the workpiece, please do not push the workpiece with the lever to increase the pressure on the grinding disc. 5. Special dressing tools should be used for dressing the high quality metal grinding disc. Operators must wear protective goggles when trimming.
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