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Created 2018-11-09
Owner yanghm
Title 115 * 1 * 22 cutting disc maintenance knowledge?
Description Today, Aurora Abrasives gives you a little knowledge of the maintenance of 115 1 22 cutting disc the purchase of quality guaranteed 115 1 22 cutting disc is very important, but the maintenance of cutting pieces can not be ignored, purchasing smart, maintenance In order to make your cuttings value for money! The most easily damaged in the cutting piece is the brush. When it wears, its resistance will become larger, and the electric spark will become larger, which will cause damage to the rotor. In the long run, the stator will also be destroyed, so it should be checked regularly for replacement. The replaced brush should be consistent with the previous one, otherwise it will accelerate the self-wearing. The most important thing is to match the size of the brush holder and to be tight. If it is tight, the brush is ground up. The reason is that the brush or heat is generated during work, and the heat is swollen and contracted. After the expansion, it is easy for the seat to be stuck, because the brush and the reversing piece cannot be in good contact. , thus burning the rotor. There is a locking button on the nose, and the angle grinder can be removed after pressing. Long-term application is not flexible due to dirt. It is difficult to eject after pressing. If it cannot be ejected after changing the cutting piece, it is easier to break the gear when it is turned on. In the repair, you only need to use the "oil cleaner" to spray the dust, you can have the original sensitivity.
Consumption 115.00 l/mile
Broken No
Promotion level None