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Category Cars
Created 2018-11-07
Owner juniperqq
Title The reason that affects the uneven rotation of the grinding wheel
Description The manufacturing process of the fast working grinding wheel is more complicated. In the process of production, the production must be carried out in strict accordance with the process. Otherwise, the error process of the grinding wheel may be caused, and the grinding wheel manufacturer introduces some reasons for the imbalance of the grinding wheel. The imbalance of the fast working grinding wheel is mainly caused by the inaccurate manufacture and installation of the grinding wheel, which makes the center of gravity of the grinding wheel not coincide with the rotary shaft. The harm of the imbalance of the fast working grinding wheel is mainly manifested in two aspects. On the one hand, when the grinding wheel rotates at high speed, it causes vibration, which is easy to cause polygonal vibration marks on the surface of the workpiece. After the fast working grinding wheel is calcined and solidified, its size, shape and positional accuracy of each surface are not up to the technical requirements of use. It must be turned, ground and ground. Due to objective technical reasons, most of the domestic and foreign The knife bowl is turned. The country generally advocates energy conservation and emission reduction. We must not forget this point when burning ceramic fast working grinding wheel. Low-temperature firing can shorten the time and facilitate rapid firing, which has a significant effect on energy conservation.
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