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Created 2018-11-07
Owner juniperqq
Title How to choose the grinding wheel in the sharpening process?
Description Fast 9'' grinding wheel is widely used in the machining industry. Because machining requires the use of turning tools, but the turning tools need to be sharpened, what kind of requirements does the turning of the turning tools have on the grinding wheel? How to choose the grinding wheel? Let us listen to the grinding wheel production. How do manufacturers say it? Whether the fast 9'' grinding wheel looks at the abrasive, the second looks at the particle size, and the third depends on the hardness. Commonly used abrasives are oxide series, carbide series, and high hard abrasive series. Alumina fast 9'' grinding wheel has a slightly lower hardness, but it has high toughness. It is suitable for sharpening high-speed steel turning tools. The white one is called white corundum and the taupe is called brown corundum. The particle size indicates the extent of the size of the abrasive particles, with the number of holes per minute through which the abrasive particles can be represented. The larger the number, the finer the abrasive grain. For rough grinding tools, choose a grinding wheel with a small number of grits. The hardness of the fast 9'' grinding wheel reflects the difficulty of the abrasive particles falling off the surface of the grinding wheel under the action of the grinding force. The grinding wheel is hard, that is, the surface abrasive grains are hard to fall off; the grinding wheel is soft, indicating that the abrasive grains are easy to fall off. The hardness of the grinding wheel and the hardness of the abrasive grains are two different concepts that must be clearly distinguished. The choice of the fast 9'' grinding wheel should be determined for the sharpening object. Different grinding wheels are suitable for different sharpening objects, so it should be determined according to the actual situation in practical applications.
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