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Created 2018-11-08
Owner xzbbvfvbh
Title Analysis of problems inside the cutting piece
Description Unbalanced The reason is as follows: the material is not evenly scraped; the 6 inch es cutting disc is not parallel when the pressing type is out of tolerance; the geometrical precision is not good during processing; the thickness of the horn is inconsistent, the spring is hard and soft, the turntable is not stable, and the car has collision. Prevention method: The material should be evenly scraped; pay attention to check the accuracy of the mold, press and trolley; strictly operate and ensure the accuracy; the thickness of the horn is consistent, the spring should be checked frequently, pay attention to check the stability of the turntable, and control the speed of the car. Hardness does not match Cause: The formula is incorrect; the ingredients are not correct; the forming single or pressed thickness does not meet the tolerance; the temperature does not conform to the process; the raw materials are unqualified. Prevention method: Pay attention to the correctness of the formula; strengthen the operation, pay attention to the inspection; strengthen the operation, pay attention to the inspection; control the firing process and the kiln location; strengthen the inspection of raw materials entering the plant. 14 inches cutting disc foaming Causes: the binder has low refractoriness; the binder is added; the mismatching binder; the firing temperature is too high; the humectant is used in too much wrong amount; the kiln is not suitable. Prevention method: adjust the ratio; the binding agent should be accurate; strengthen the inspection to prevent mismatching; control the firing curve; strictly increase the amount; Burst Cause: The cooling rate during cooling is too fast; the temperature of the kiln is too high. Prevention method: control the appropriate cooling rate; control the temperature of the kiln, not too high. Black heart Cause: The sand is too fine; the kiln is too dense; the atmosphere is not good; the ingredients are wrong; the formula is problematic; the temperature is high; the humectant is wrong. Prevention method: generally use coarse sand; control density; should maintain oxidizing atmosphere; strictly check to avoid errors; adjust formula; control high temperature point and combustion chamber temperature; avoid mistakes. Coarse grain low price disc for metal cover Cause: The bond has low refractoriness and high fluidity; there are too many pieces per kiln. Prevention method: Adjust the ratio of the binder, and then put it into production after verification; control the number of tablets per tablet. Not enough size after burning Cause: The blank is not enough; the temperature is high; the quality of the raw materials is not good; the number of kiln is more than the specified. Prevention method: Appropriate increase of retention; control of temperature; strict inspection of incoming raw materials; strict process discipline. Turn waste Cause: The firing temperature is high or low; the mixing is uneven; the unbalanced grams are large; the binder is used incorrectly; the binder is mismatched. Prevention methods: control temperature and firing location; strengthen mixing operation; improve balance performance; strengthen self-test to avoid errors. Iron spot Cause: The quality of the raw materials is poor; after the equipment is overhauled, the cleaning is not good; the firing temperature is too high. Prevention method: Strict inspection; after strict cleaning, remix; control the firing temperature.
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