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Created 2018-11-07
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Title Cutting piece production waste analysis
Description First, mixed Causes: There are impurities in the abrasive and binder; impurities are mixed in the mixture and molding. Prevention method: strengthen raw material inspection; strengthen operation to prevent impurities from entering. Second, uneven organization Causes: the flat abrasive cutting disc is uneven with binder points; dextrin iron oxide point, the distribution of filler is uneven; the foam of the pouring product is not completely eliminated, the suspension performance of the slurry is poor; the molding material is too dry abrasive binder separation or coarse and fine particles Separate the home; the situation is off the sand; the resin EN12413 cutting discs sticks to the bottom plate and the mold cover. Prevention method: strictly according to the mixing process; the binder should be sieved into the pot, the dextrin can not be damp; the amount of starch is increased appropriately, and the water discharge speed after pouring is increased; the dry material is sieved, the dry explosive is mixed well, and the mixture is mixed. Master dry humidity; use paraffin oil and dry sand. Third, large grain Cause: The abrasive is unqualified, the container is not cleaned, and the operation is improper. Prevention methods: strengthen raw material inspection, clean up containers, mixing equipment, from fine to coarse mixing. Fourth, the outer diameter crack Cause: The cooling process is too fast; the temperature fluctuation in the firing is too large; the temperature in the middle and outer diameter of the firing is too high; the drying temperature is too fast; the molding is scratched, and the mold is removed. Prevention method: Strictly control the temperature rise curve and dry temperature curve; check the mold to avoid blank scratches. Fifth, the aperture crack Cause: The heating rate is too fast, the heart stick is too bad, and it is shocked when the mold is unloaded. Prevention method: Strictly grasp the temperature curve, check the heart stick, and avoid the earthquake when the mold is unloaded. Six, plane crack Cause: The cooling rate is too fast, the temperature of the kiln is too high, the semi-finished product is shocked, and the number of semi-finished products is too high. Prevention method: Strictly control the temperature and temperature curve of the kiln to avoid the shock of the unfinished product and control the height of the screw. Seven, cup-shaped inner wall crack Cause: The core radius of the mold is too small and the quality of the molding material is not good. Prevention method: Finish the mold and keep the molding material at the proper temperature strength.
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