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Created 2018-11-07
Owner yanghm
Title What are the safety issues that should be noted when using the115*1*22 cutting disc?
Description 115*1*22 cutting disc and4 1/2 super thin cutting disc are commonly used cutting blades. So, in order to pay attention to safety, what safety problems should you pay attention to when using them? The following is the aurora abrasives with 115 * 1 * 22 cutting disc as an example to give you some notes: (1) Apply the hand to turn the cutting piece before starting the machine to check whether the cutting piece is cracked, whether the protective cover and each part are normal. (2) Excessively large and too long workpieces shall not be cut on the cutting piece. The workpiece to be ground must be stable and must not be ground by hand. (3) Protective glasses must be worn for cutting. Gloves are not allowed. It is not allowed to use cotton yarn or cloth to cover the workpiece for cutting. (4) The operator should stand on the side of the polishing sheet when cutting, and must not operate on the positive cutting piece. The same cutting piece is not allowed to cut at the same time by two people. (5) When replacing the new cutting piece, the total power supply should be cut off, and the shaft end nut gasket should not be pressed too tightly to avoid fracturing the cutting piece. (6) After cutting, the power should be turned off. The powder in the dust cover should be removed frequently, and the lubricating oil of the spindle should be replaced regularly.
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