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Created 2018-11-06
Owner yanghm
Title How to place the specifications of the super thin 115 cutting disc ?
Description super thin 115 cutting disc should be properly placed for use in order to be used better. And 4 1/2 super thin cutting disc same, So how do we usually place them when they are placed? It should be placed separately according to specifications. The storage area should be marked. In order to avoid confusion and errors. Place location and setting method. Larger diameter and thicker grinding wheels are placed upright or slightly inclined. Thinner and smaller grinding wheels should be placed flat. However, the vertical height should not exceed 600 mm. The height of the rubber or resin sheet grinding wheel should not exceed 20 mm. And placed a flat iron plate on top of each other. It can prevent the grinding wheel from being deformed or broken. Small diameter grinding wheels can be stringed together for storage. Shaped cups and butterfly-shaped shaped grinding wheels should be placed with the bottom facing one next, but not too high. Both rubber and resin are aging. In the transportation and storage of long-distance abrasive tools, the cutting sheet manufacturers must pay attention to the following matters in order to avoid damage to the abrasive tools during transportation and storage. Use wooden boxes and wicker baskets for long-distance transportation and properly package them. Separate the abrasives with soft materials such as straw or sentence. To prevent collision and stacking during handling, stacking should be stable and ceramic abrasives should not be placed in wet or frozen places. Rubber grinding tools are not easy and come into contact with oil. Resin abrasives, not in contact with alkali. Otherwise it will reduce the strength of the abrasive. That is the grinding ability. Store in a dry place at room temperature no less than 5 °C.
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