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Created 2018-11-05
Owner xzbbvfvbh
Title Inspection of the cutting piece before it is installed
Description Before installation, use the sound to visually check for possible damage or damage to the flat cutting disc on sale and check if the speed between the machine and the cutting piece matches. Should do: 1. Visual inspection All cutting pieces must be visually inspected before use. Do not use if damaged. 2. Sound inspection (tapping inspection): The ceramic bond cutting sheet should be checked for sound before use. If the 125*1*22 EN12413 cutting disc has no crack, it will make a crisp sound, and if it is, it will make a muffled or dull sound. 3. Verify that the machine speed is consistent with the highest safe use speed indicated on the cutting blade. Not allowed: 1. Install the cracked cutting piece into position on the axle. 2. Exceeding the maximum speed defined by the cutting piece. Cutting piece installation Proper cutting piece mounting in place steps are extremely important for the safe and effective use of the cutting piece, so it must be ensured that the person performing the cutting piece mounting in place has a rather professional level of practical operation. Should do: 1. The spindle of the cutting piece must be straight, smooth and clean, and the size of the spindle must be within the tolerance. 2. The cutting piece must be freely mountable on the spindle or flange. 3. The flange and chuck pressing surface must be flat and clean, and the outer diameter should be at least not less than one third of the outer diameter of the cutting piece. 4. The flatness of the flange needs to be measured periodically. The correct flange flatness should be within 0.5mm. If the flatness is out of tolerance, the flange needs to be maintained. 5. The gasket should be lined with a flexible material between the cutting piece and the chuck pressing surface. The pressing surface should be kept clean and free of any attachment and the outer circumference of the flange should be exposed more than 2mm. 6. For grinding systems with balance adjustments, system balance adjustments must be made as required. 7. For multi-point fastening flanges, the flange should be evenly fastened to the cutting piece according to the torque recommended by the machine tool builder. Pay attention to the tightness of the screw and nut when installing, and press it enough to drive the cutting piece without sliding. When multiple screws are tightened, they should be tightened step by step according to the diagonal order. If necessary, a force wrench should be used. Not allowed: 1. Forcibly mount the cutting piece on the spindle or change the hole diameter of the cutting piece arbitrarily (if the hole diameter of the cutting disc for stainless steel does not match the spindle, please select the matching piece with the same size) 2. Use flanges that are not clean, unbalanced, with burrs or of different sizes and different indentations. 3. For multi-point fastening flanges, tighten the fastening screws too tightly.
Consumption 125.00 l/mile
Broken No
Price $ 125.00
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