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Created 2018-11-02
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Title Effect of grinding conditions
Description 1 grinding wheel speed The increase in the linear speed of the grinding wheel reduces the maximum depth of cut of the abrasive particles, reduces the cross-sectional area of ​​the chips, and increases the number of cuttings and the heat of grinding. These two factors increase the amount of infarction, but when the linear velocity of the grinding wheel reaches a certain level (for example, up to 50 m / s), the amount of infarction of the grinding wheel is greatly reduced.cut off disc for stainless steel
2 workpiece speed The effect of workpiece speed on wheel infarction levels is closely related to other elements in the cutting conditions. The line speed of the workpiece is doubled and the infarct volume of the wheel is increased by a factor of three. This is because the higher the workpiece speed, the shallower the penetration depth of the abrasive grains, and the smaller the cross-sectional area of ​​the chips, which corresponds to the hardening of the characteristics of the grinding wheel, and thus it is easy to cause wheel infarction.
3 grinding method In fact, cut-in grinding is more severe than longitudinal grinding of the infarct. During the cutting and grinding process, the contact area between the grinding wheel and the workpiece is large, and the abrasive cutting edge rubs on the same wear scar several times. The slurry enters the grinding zone, and the heat is high during the grinding process, which easily forms infarction. The longitudinal grinding contact with the workpiece data is the side edge of the grinding wheel. When the wear surface is increased to a certain level, the abrasive particles are broken and broken under the action of the grinding force, and self-sharpening is completed. Most abrasive particles work in a sharp state, making the grinding force and grinding heat relatively low. At the same time, a substantial portion of the grinding force and the heat affected zone of the grinding can exit the workpiece in the direction of longitudinal grinding, thereby reducing the likelihood of chemical bonding.
4 grinding temperature cut off disc for stainless steelsupplier show that Any factors that increase the heat of grinding and increase the grinding temperature during grinding can exacerbate the infarction of the wheel. The infarction method is mainly bone cement infarction, and of course, diffusion infarction.
5 grinding wheel dressing speed The dressing speed of the grinding wheel has a significant effect on the infarction. When the dressing speed of the grinding wheel is low, the working surface of the grinding wheel is flat, and the number of effective grinding per unit area is increased, so that the cross-sectional area of ​​the cutting chips becomes small and the number of cuttings is increased, and infarction is easily generated. When the dressing speed of the grinding wheel is high, the working surface of the grinding wheel becomes thicker, the number of effective abrasive grains is reduced, the concave portion appears on the outer surface of the grinding wheel, acts as a hole, the chip is easily washed away, and the sintered material is easily dropped.
6. Grinding fluid Different grinding fluids have a great influence on the grinding effect. At present, ordinary emulsions contain a large amount of mineral oil and oily additives. After dilution, it is an oil-in-water emulsion white liquid with a small specific heat capacity and thermal conductivity and is very intense during rubbing. Adhesive wear and diffusion wear are easily formed between the grinding wheel and the workpiece, so that the grinding wheel is subjected to impact, the grinding force is increased, and finally the premature crushing and falling of the abrasive grains are caused, so that the grinding ratio is lowered.
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