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Created 2018-10-23
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Title Precautions when using the cutting disc
About me 1, the correct use of the cutting piece safety specifications The cutting piece needs to be equipped with a power tool. Therefore, it is necessary to select a suitable electric tool according to the diameter of the grinding wheel piece, the limited rotation speed, etc., and the rotation speed of the electric tool should not exceed the limited rotation speed indicated by the grinding wheel itself, otherwise it may cause danger. So how do you use the cutting piece correctly? Please see the following safety practices: How to install the grinding wheel Whether it is a low price disc for metal or a grinding piece, make sure it is properly installed when fixing, check whether the bearing and the nut lock ring are properly adjusted, otherwise the installed grinding wheel will be unbalanced, shaken or even knocked during the operation. And check that the diameter of the mandrel is not less than 22.22mm, otherwise it will cause deformation and damage of the grinding wheel! How the cutting piece works The cutting piece must be cut at a vertical angle of 90 degrees, and as shown in the figure below, it is necessary to move the cutting back and forth, and it is not possible to move the cutting up and down. This is to avoid the occurrence of overheating due to the large contact area between the cutting piece and the workpiece, which is not conducive to Cooling. Cutting depth of the 5 inch resin cutting disc for metal The cutting depth of the cutting piece when cutting the workpiece should not be too deep, otherwise the cutting piece will be damaged and the center ring will fall off! The green area in the figure is the appropriate plunging depth. Do not cut into the workpiece too deeply, otherwise it will lead to the destructive knot as shown below! Grinding sheet grinding operation specification First of all, there are two cases of grinding with a grinding disc: surface grinding and edge grinding. The grinding angle is 30 degrees, which is the ideal angle. Otherwise, the angle of more than 30 degrees will make the operator feel softer and the life is shorter. If it is less than 30 degrees, the grinding piece will be hard and the service life is long. This is because the grinding plate is in contact with it. The size of the face is related, which of course affects the grinding efficiency of the grinding plate! It is worth knowing that Edge grinding under suitable conditions, suitable motor power, universal hardness grinding wheel, can remove 400-500 grams in ten minutes; Surface grinding under suitable fittings, suitable motor power, universal hardness grinding wheel, can remove 280-330 grams in ten minutes. Note: Different workers have different strengths and different ways of operation, which will have different effects. 2, cutting and polishing operations suggestion In order to ensure the safe and effective construction work, please ensure that: - The grinding wheel itself is intact and the power tool guard is securely mounted - Staff must wear eye, hand, ear protection and overalls - The grinding wheel is correctly installed on the power tool, and it is firm and secure, and at the same time ensure that the speed of the power tool cannot be higher than the speed limit of the grinding wheel itself. - The grinding wheel is a manufacturer's quality-assured product that is purchased on a regular basis. - The cutting piece cannot be used as a grinding piece - Do not use excessive force when cutting and grinding - Use suitable flanges without damage - Before installing a new China cutting disc for metal, be sure to turn off the power of the power tool and unplug the socket - Allow the grinding wheel to work idle for a while before cutting and grinding - Store the grinding wheel properly and place it when not in use. - There are no obstacles in the work area - Do not use unreinforced mesh cutting blades on power tools - Do not use damaged grinding wheel - Do not block the cutting piece in the slit - When stopping cutting or sanding, let the click speed stop naturally. It is strictly forbidden to manually apply pressure to the grinding wheel to prevent it from rotating.
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