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Created 2018-10-08
Owner juniperqq
Title Common problems in resin grinding wheel manufacture----equipment
Description Inspection equipment problem (1) Raw material inspection, process inspection, and ex-factory inspection are important contents for resin high quality metal grinding disc production enterprises to carry out effective inspection and control, but fewer enterprises have truly achieved standard management and standardized management. The main problems are an incomplete system, inadequate function, lax management, out of control of the shortage of inspection equipment, poor quality of inspection personnel and so on.   (2) incomplete inspection equipment. Inspection equipment is incomplete, resin 180*6*22mm metal grinding disc inspection equipment has three major pieces: namely rotary strength testing machine; sandblasting hardness machine (or Rockwell hardness machine) - resin slices, grinding pieces in addition; static balancer (for diamond grinding wheel also need dynamic balancer), other should also have thin-section grinding wheel end face, radial runout tester, internal diameter gauge, vernier card. Ruler, fast cheap metal grinding disc cutting performance tester and so on. The inspection equipment lacks proper maintenance and maintenance.
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