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Created 2018-09-28
Owner birder2525
Title Asked Questions about ballast crusher
Description In the long-term production process, the phenomenon of increased wear is very unfavorable for the life of the equipment. The solution to this problem is to follow the steps. Strict assembly operations to ensure the uniformity of the gap size, which is an important issue to prevent poor lubrication. The point is a problem of poor lubrication, because the gap between newly assembled parts of ballast crusher is relatively small, if the assembly is unreasonable, it is difficult to ensure the average of the gap, so when lubrication, the oil is not easy to form an average on the friction surface The oil film can not slow down the wear in the production and reduce the effect of lubrication. The other point is that when the ultra-fine mill is working, it will loosen. This is not only for the newly assembled parts, but also for the parts that have been used for some time. If there is looseness, the parts wear will increase when they are working. Therefore, they must be performed regularly for daily maintenance work. This can promptly identify looseness and resolve problems. The article mainly introduces the common problems in ballast crusher production. The above article mainly introduces two aspects. One is the problem of poor lubrication, and the second is loose phenomenon. Both of these phenomena will result in lower production efficiency and parts. The wear and tear phenomenon is aggravated, so we need to deal with it in a timely manner. When we use it regularly, if we can perform regular inspections, we can promptly identify these problems and solve them to avoid the occurrence of failures.
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