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Created 2018-09-28
Owner juniperqq
Title Manufacturing process of resin wheel
Description Resin high efficient metal abrasive disc manufacturing is a highly technological industrial product. There are many problems in blending, molding, hardening, processing and other processes. (1)Mixing process: the key of mixing material is uniformity, the molding material should be the uniform distribution of components, keep loose, but should not appear obvious powder leakage, must ensure uniform spreading, good molding performance. (2)Forming process: At present, most of the domestic rotating apportionment mechanism, but due to the limitations of rotating apportionment mechanism, resulting in a large number of manufacturing enterprises, staff operation is not essential, uneven mixture distribution, row tolerance, and static balance excess. (3)Hardening process: This is the most critical production process, easy to cause quality problems in two factors, one is the curing oven or firing kiln temperature difference is too large; the other is an improper way to load the furnace. The temperature difference between hardening furnace and the kiln is too large, which makes the hardening of resin China grinding abrasive disc deviate from the set hardening specification (hardening curve), and the hardening quality of the cheap metal grinding disc cannot be fully guaranteed. (4) Processing procedures (mainly large diameter and high thickness resin grinding wheels): resin grinding wheels, especially large diameter and high thickness, or require strict dimensional tolerance grinding wheels after hardening to be processed to ensure the geometric size of the wheel, shape and position tolerance. (5) production formula and process parameters are applied mechanically.
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