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Created 2018-09-25
Owner kmei4545
Title how to choose the auxiliary equipment reliable
Description Therefore, in the fan inlet should be added before the level of electrical precipitators or bag dust collector. The stone crusher is small, to reduce the investment, can consider to be vertical tail flue chimney emissions, but also should conform to the standard, for the wind turbine must be combined with anti abrasion measures. In order to make the system run normally, must choose the auxiliary equipment reliable, wind machine, impeller feeder, all kinds of valves, loaded charter and loading machine. The process system has the advantages of compact structure, convenient operation, high grading efficiency, and can adapt to different particle size Fly Ash Fineness requirements classification. Especially the use of two time enters the wind of advanced technology, which can effectively guarantee the quality classification and improve classification efficiency. Hierarchical flow reciprocating cycle, and can be adjusted to control the flow, not only can further improve the classification quality, but also can reduce energy consumption significantly reduced. The grading system of negative pressure straight pulling the longest distance up to 300m, the main component material wear-resistant materials, so that the host continuous working time more than 25000h. In addition, the process of the whole system are strictly sealed, no dust leakage, the operation environment is clean.
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