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Category Women
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Created 2018-08-20
Owner Olivia L Pope
Title American Chain Gym
About me Do you know who wins the New Year's New Hope Rankings every year? The answer is ⋯⋯ fitness! lose weight! health! Interested to try? Before joining the gym: • Ask your friends if you have a member of the gym and ask them to add you to the Guest/Complimentary Pass for free admission. • You can go to the official website to find, or Walk-in ask if you can provide a Free Trial free experience. • Go to a forum (like Promopro) to find a Promo Deal that someone else has shared, or ask a friend who is already a member to have a referral promotion. Equinox Fitness From New York, Equinox Fitness, which has nearly 90 locations in the United States, can be said to be the Apple of the gymnasium. The environment is trendy and trendy, the equipment is upscale and novel, the shower also offers Kiehl's bath products and iced eucalyptus tree aroma towels. Avant-garde and eye-catching. The positioning of the taller is naturally the guest at the top of the pyramid. The monthly membership fee is the most expensive one hundred yuan in all chain gymnasiums, so the number is actually much less. Although the membership fee is expensive but not open all day (the branches are slightly different), most of them are 5am-10/11pm during the week, 7am-7pm/8pm at the weekend, and the contents of the museums are different, some special training, some Only aerobics or courses are available. 24 Hour Fitness The private chain gym with the largest number of members in the world is also the first gym in the industry that is open 24 hours a day, all day long. You can't go to the roof when you can't sleep in the middle of the night. You can go here. There are more than 400 in the United States, divided into four levels from low to high for Active, Sport, Super Sport, Ultra Sport. The higher the level, the better the equipment, but the relative monthly fee is more expensive. You can buy all-passports in all locations. All-Club Membership (Costco sells two-year All-Club Sport rating of $399.99, the largest number of locations.) But even the same level of branch, the quality is not the same, mainly to see the location. LA Fitness A large chain gym in the West Bank, Xiao Lumei is also a member of their family. The reason for choosing his home is that there are many South Carolina strongholds. I don't care much about whether or not I open all the time. I chose LA Fitness, which is cheaper. More than 800 branches in North America, divided into four levels, from low to high, are Premier Club, PreSale Club, Signature Club and Premier Plus Club, the first and most popular in the eastern part of the world. Most of the branches have squash courts, basketball courts, swimming pools, group classrooms, and many people go to Salsa or yoga classes during the week. However, the environmental quality of each hall varies by location. Because of the low price, there are many people, and the peaks must be queued for heavy training equipment. Pump Gyms Enjoy 25% off by using our up-to-date Pump Gyms voucher codes and deals.
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