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Created 2018-08-17
Owner rsgoldfastcom
Title Want another scouting best practice
Description Want another scouting best practice? Games that pit elite talents against each other matter more. It’s at the intersection of those two rules that we present a NBA Live Coins new mock draft in the wake of De’Aaron Fox’s thorough dismantling of Lonzo Ball in the Sweet 16. Fox didn’t just outplay Ball, he buried him: 39 points on 20 shots with the season on the line. For his part Ball finished with 10 points and eight assists and rarely looked special. Yes, Ball drops a couple spots from last week, but we’re also still taking the long view into account. I have been writing about this class of freshmen since they were juniors in high school, and I’m linking all of my old work in here. We’ll begin with my first mock draft for this class, from the day after the 2016 NBA draft:The 2017 NBA draft should be loaded. It's not too early to get excited, from June 24, 2016. 1) Boston Celtics - Markelle Fultz, PG, WashingtonThe only way Fultz was losing his stronghold on No. 1 in this draft was if Lonzo Ball led UCLA on an inspired run all the way through the tournament. Markelle, how do you feel about the Bruins’ Sweet 16 loss?
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