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Created 2018-07-31
Owner zhangsan520
Title Consequently,
Description The coach were found under a steep cliff. Local fire department arrived for rescue. The coach were found under a steep cliff. The coach were found under a steep cliff. The coach were found under a steep cliff. The coach were found under a steep cliff. The coach were found under a steep cliff. Local fire department went for search and rescue. A name card of the Henan Opera Troupe of Zhengzhou was found. Local fire department went for search and rescue. Local fire department went for search and rescue. A coach from Xinxiang city to Linzhou city of Henan province fell off a one-hundred-meter deep cliff at the border of the two cities around 11 pm on March 2 [url=]Cheap Utah Jazz T-Shirts[/url] , resulting in 20 people’s death, with another 13 injured. The coach was rented by the Henan Opera Troupe of Zhengzhou, the provincial capital, and was carrying 33 people (15 males, 18 females, mostly actors and actresses of the troupe) when the accident happened. 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